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LiveGrid CDN

Use our global streaming content delivery network to transport your live stream around the globe



Reduce CDN cost by up to 90% while increasing streaming quality and stabilizing your live streams

LiveGrid CDN

One Content Delivery Network - 100% Focus on Live-Streaming


Brillant Full-HD and 4K Live-Streaming


Ultra fast Cloud Transcoding


Live-Streaming with every Player

LiveGrid is a content delivery network. The key difference in comparison to other CDN serivces is our live-only focus. Since our servers are highly optimized to deliver live data via HLS or MPEG-Dash we reach a much higher cache hit rate than normal CDNs. You can use our global-scale CDN for:

  • Events, Concerts and Conferences
  • OTT Broadcasting 
  • Sport
  • Gaming
  • Workshops and webinar


Reduce CDN cost by up to 90%


Always better, never worse


Up to 10x more bandwidth


Secure streaming

TrafficBoost is a technology that automatically activates in your viewer's browser. When watching a live stream TrafficBoost will try to fetch video data from other viewers within the local area rather than from the origin. Most of the time TrafficBoost will find other viewers that have a much faster connection between each other. Thus TrafficBoost is able to shift up to 90% of your streaming traffic on the viewer-side and massively reduce streaming cost from your CDN. At the same time the additional data sources that are provided by TrafficBoost reduce the probability of lacking streams.