The Power Of webRTC Live Streaming

Use the revolutionary webRTC technology to take your live stream delivery to the next new level!

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The Next Generation Of Live Streaming Delivery

StriveCDN is a web technology that optimizes the way how your live video data is delivered over the internet. When using StriveCDN, viewers of a live stream will automatically share video data among each other. By doing so, you can strongly reduce required bandwidth and increase streaming quality. There is no extra software or hardware installation required - Strive works inside of a web browser and adapts to any live stream infrastructure.

Our goal is to create technology for the next generation of live streaming and OTT broadcasting.

Great Quality

By integrating your adience into the delivery process, all viewers benefit from a much more reliable and stable infrastructure that can deliver high definition content without effort.

Reduce Required Bandwidth

StriveCDN can reduce your required CDN bandwidth by up to 90% and thus reduce delivery cost.

Strong Peak Protection

Make your ifnrastructure grow with your adience and never again be afraid of traffic peaks.

Useful For Every Situation

Every live stream requires a certain minimum bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth you have to provide depends on the size of your audience and the quality of your video data. StriveCDN is an optimization technology that reduces the amount of required bandwidth by up to 90%. Only by optimizing the way your content is delivered. Add StriveCDN to your current content delivery network to save bandwidth and money and even make your live stream more stable!


On-Top Of Your CDN

StriveCDN can work with any CDN that you are already using. Strive can be integrated into your infrastructure without effort. All you need to do is to add one line of HTML code to your website. That's it.


Full-Stack Live Streaming

Strive offers much more than delivery optimization. You can store videos, transcode streams in real-time and even use our custom content delivery network. Strive offers a complete platform to build your entire streaming setup on.


In-House For Your Company Stream

StriveCDN works great for internal company live streams. And the best: nothing has to be changed in your internal network. No software or hardware required, just a modern internet browser. Make your entire office watch a live stream by using only 5% of your bandwidth capacity.

Key Benefits Of StriveCDN

CDN Agnostic

Works with every CDN on the market

Player Agnostic

Works with every HTML5 player

HLS & MPEG-Dash Support

Full support of both protocols

Premium Support

24 / 7 service via email and skype

Secure SSL Streaming

Completely based on HTTPS

Full Mobile Support

Easy integration in mobile applications (except iOS)

Easy Management And Powerful Analytics

With StriveCDN you can easily manage and analyze all your live streams in real time or any time range you want. 

Reliable and Stable Live Streaming

Grow your infrastructure dynamically with your audience and never run out of bandwidth. Now there can never be more users than servers.


Reduce CDN Cost

Say good bye to expensive CDN pricing. Strive will take care of up to 90% of your traffic for a fraction of your current CDN pricing.

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