The Power Of WebRTC Live Streaming

Use the revolutionary webRTC technology to take your live stream delivery to the next level!

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Remove Peaks From Your Traffic Chart And Reduce Traffic By 90%

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StriveCDN is a technology that optimizes the way how your live video data is delivered over the internet. When using StriveCDN, viewers of a live stream will automatically share video data among each other. By doing so, you can strongly reduce required bandwidth and increase streaming quality. There is no extra software or hardware installation required – Strive works inside your web browser and adapts to any live stream infrastructure.

Our goal is to create technology for the next generation of live streaming and OTT broadcasting.

Better Quality

By integrating your audience into the delivery process, all viewers benefit from a much more reliable and stable infrastructure that can deliver high definition video content.

Reduced Bandwidth Requirements

StriveCDN can reduce your required CDN bandwidth by up to 90% and thus reduce delivery cost.

Traffic Peak Protection

Make your infrastructure grow with your audience and never be afraid of traffic peaks again.

All Product Features

fast player integration

1 Minute Integration

Integration as easy as Google Analytics

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Management Web Application

Web application to manage all your streams

CDN Agnostic

Works with every CDN on the market or with your custom servers

Player Agnostic

Works with every HTML5 player

HTML5 logo

Full HTML5 Support

Cutting-Edge HTML5 technology + webRTC

HLS + MPEG-Dash Support

Full support of both protocols

DRM Agnostic + HTTPS

Our service does not affect DRM and is completely based on SSL

Crown - premium support

Online Support

Personal customer support via email or live chat


Full Mobile Support

Easy integration in mobile applications (except iOS)

– Made in Germany –

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