Product Relaunch & Traffic Flatrate – Happy New Year!

After a fantastic 2017, StriveCDN launches V2 of its web platform and starts with an open priced CDN traffic flat rate as the first company ever!
January 4, 2018

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Product Relaunch & Traffic Flatrate – Happy New Year!

After a fantastic 2017, StriveCDN launches V2 of its web platform and starts with an open priced CDN traffic flat rate as the first company ever!
New Platform Launch - StriveCDN Blog
Product Relaunch & Traffic Flatrate - Happy New Year!

StriveCDN launches V2 of its web platform and starts 2018 with a limited offer!

Finally! We relaunched our platform!

To start into the new year, StriveCDN announces a relaunch of the entire Strive Platform. We restructured our business model, came up with new pricing packages and added awesome features to our portfolio! Read this article to learn about the new features and pricing of StriveCDN.

StriveCDN dashboard

StriveCDN Management Platform

After a fantastic 2017 with lots of new people to meet, technical features to implement and video traffic to deliver, our entire team at Strive took the last month of the last year off to completely reinvent its platform. The main focus was set to automation, better UX and improving our core technology. We are proud to say: we made it!

What’s new at Strive?

First of all, everybody can use our platform as of today since we automated a lot of processes. Creating an account, logging into the platform, creating reports for your company and watching the performance of your stream in real time is now super easy.

In fact, the entire frontend is based on a new code base that is focused on better usability and a flawless workflow.

Traffic flatrate until March 2018

One of the biggest changes we made is also a temporary one. For the first quarter of 2018 we want to say thank you to the amazing feedback we got from our customers and partners. Therefore we are offering a traffic flatrate until March 31 2018. For this time the pricing of our service will only depend on how much parallel streams a customer needs. We do not charge any traffic. Still, StriveCDN can help companies to reduce their CDN cost by up to 90%!

Setting foot into the Asian market

After starting off in Europe, we quickly expanded our services into the entire APAC area. To be honest, we were surprised of how fast this decision would pay off! After launching our product in the Asian market in November, we already provide over 30.000 concurrent viewers with P2P video data on a daily basis.

Awesome new features!

To make our service even more adaptable to our customers’ infrastructure, we highly improved the performance, bandwidth usage and skill set of our P2P Management Servers. We also implemented more KPIs like the average cluster size of a customer’s P2P network. As well as deep insights into the traffic distribution, the number of concurrent viewers in real time are upgraded, too. Furthermore, StriveCDN now also works with all kinds of geo blocking services. We even integrated the possibility of whitelabeling our service for CDNs or other network providers! 

Whats’ next?

For us, 2018 is dedicated to improve our average saving rate of 71% even more, find new streaming partners and of course new customers. We are looking forward to a new year that hopefully will be as pleasant as the last one! Stay tuned for more updates!


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