Solutions And Pricing

Every StriveCDN solution is unique in its own way. Find out which one fits best for your personal use case!

Our Powerful Solutions

StriveCDN can be used in different ways, depending on your personal needs.

You can use StriveCDN in combination with any other CDN or you can build your entire infrastructure with StriveCDN. Our custom-built server network can provide as much users as you want with high quality video content. All servers will be set up only for you with guaranteed dedicated premium traffic.

You can also use StriveCDN for your company-internal live streams to massively reduce bandwidth requirements and make even high quality live streams finally available for your offices.


Don't change your CDN setup
1 ct / GB
  • Up to 90% CDN off-loading
  • 10x more Bandwidth
  • Traffic Peak Protection
  • Optimize-Only Guarantee


The All-In-One Live Stream Solution
1,5 ct / GB
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Unlimited Streams
  • Global CDN included
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Free Transcoding!
  • Traffic Peak Protection
  • Full-HD + 4K Streaming


For Company Live Streams
Request Offer
  • Only 1% of company bandwidth required
  • Secure in-house live streams
  • Traffic Peak Protection
  • Optimize-Only Guarantee

All Solutions Come With


1 Minute Integration

Easy and quick JavaScript integration


Management Web Application

Web application to manage all your streams

CDN Agnostic

Works with every CDN on the market

Player Agnostic

Works with every HTML5 player


Full HTML5 Support

Cutting-Edge HTML5 technology + webRTC

HLS + MPEG-Dash Support

Full support of both protocols

Secure SSL Streaming

Completely based on HTTPS


Premium Support

24 / 7 service via email and skype


Full Mobile Support

Easy integration in mobile applications (except iOS)

- Made in Germany -

Any Questions Remaining?

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