LiveGrid - The Live Streaming Content Delivery Network

Our new live streaming content delivery network LiveGrid was built with 100% focus on live video content. Strive gives you the power to build global distributed, scalable and reliable HLS and MPEG-Dash live streams within minutes. From streaming input to player integration, we got you covered!

Go Live Within Minutes!

Create global live streams for your TV broadcast or live event with one click. 

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Repackaging And Transcoding

LiveGrid generates beautiful live streams in 3 different quality levels to cover your customers’ different bandwidth capacities.



Use RTMP or HLS as input for your live stream and get HLS, MPEG-Dash or HSS as output format.


Global CDN Included

Use our global content delivery partners and custom CDN to scale up your live stream without paying for traffic or bandwidth.

video player

Streaming Playout Included

Strive comes with a prepared player for your website. With that, the entire ecosystem of your live video streaming can be handled by Strive!

Scale Up Globally. Easy And Fast.

LiveGrid provides you a globally distributed content delivery network of more than 20 POPs. Additionally, we use modern streaming acceleration technologies to increase speed, efficiency and quality.

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Easy And Flexible Pricing

The LiveGrid pricing depends on view-hours. A view hour is one hour of live video streaming to a single viewer. If you have a live stream that is watched by 500 people for 2 hours, 1000 view-hours are required.


Trial Plan
for ever
  • No Transcoder Included
  • 10 View-Hours
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Online Support


One Stream For Small Events
$ 450
per month
  • 1 Transcoder Included
  • 5000 View-Hours
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Online Support


For Regularly Live Streaming
$ 1,950
per month
  • 3 Transcoders Included
  • 25,000 View-Hours
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Real-Time Support


For 24 / 7 Broadcasters
$ 3,600
per month
  • 5 Transcoders Included
  • 50,000 View-Hours
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Support

1 View Hour = 1 person watching a live stream at 3 mbit/s for 60 minutes

Customize Your Plan

You can easily customize our plans with additional View-Hours and Transcoders to fit your personal Use-Case.

View HoursPricing *
5,000 View-Hours450,- USD
10,000 View-Hours765,- USD (-15%)
25,000 View-Hours1,800,- USD (-20%)
> 25,000 View-HoursCustom
TranscodersMonthly Pricing
1 HD-Transcoder
RTMP to HLS or MPEG-Dash
200,- USD
3 HD-Transcoders
RTMP to HLS or MPEG-Dash
500,- USD (-16%)
5 HD-Transcoders
RTMP to HLS or MPEG-Dash
750,- USD (-25%)

* Payment is required once. View-Hours do not expire.

Do You Need More Than 50,000 View-Hours?

All LiveGrid Plans Come With


Global Scale

Deliver your high quality video content to your audience around the world!


Do Not Pay For Traffic!

No usage based pricing or Cent / GB. All you need to know is the maximum number of viewers of your live stream and the streaming duration. Quick and easy!

icon of servers with network access

High Quality Transcoding

Strive enables adaptive bit rate (ABR) for all your streams in real time, so every viewer can easily consume your video content.

Secure Streaming - lock

Secure SSL Streaming

Protect your live stream from hackers and copycats. Strive easily enables you to whitelist domains and IPs for your video content delivery.

video player

Built-In Player

Use our live streaming player with fast-start technology and intelligent pre-fetching to reduce latency and rebuffering!

Crown - premium support

Premium Support

Personal customer support via email or live chat to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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