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We answer the most common questions regarding P2P technology and the benefits of StriveCDN. If you have more questions, please contact us via email or phone.

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StriveCDN P2P Technology

Not at all. By using state of the art HTML5 technology viewers need no plugins. StriveCDN works inside a web browser so everything works just fine. Neither user experience nor quality of service are harmed in any way by StriveCDN.

StriveCDN measures unused bandwidth by using AI based algorithms directly inside the client’s browser. Our system only uses resources that are not used in any way by the viewer. If a viewer-to-viewer connection is not fast enough we notice it and fall back to an arbitrary CDN of your choice. Be almost always faster but never slower!

You don’t need to change anything. StriveCDN works with any CDN and operates on top of it to optimize content delivery. It’s that simple: take your current infrastructure setup and add one line of HTML code to your website, right next to your web player. That’s it.

Until March 01 2018 you can get a traffic flat rate at StriveCDN for a fixed monthly or yearly payment. The amount of money you can save depends on your current CDN traffic pricing. By using Strive, you can save up to 90% of your CDN traffic. Use our Demo App for more details.

By using StriveCDN your viewers will help each other to get video data in time. By offering multiple data sources to your audience, the probability of delayed video chunks strongly decreases. Thus viewers experience a much more stable and reliable live stream. Also your infrastructure dynamically grows with your audience. There won’t be any moment in which your audience is bigger than your infrastructure since the audience becomes a part of it. In other words: the bigger your audience gets the more reliable is your live stream.

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