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Strive @NAB 2018

BOOK A MEETING WITH US StriveCDN @NAB 2018 This year we are attending the NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas! Are you there too? Great! Let’s meet. Mar 16 2018 Published by Lorcan Mozis Stay In The Loop Keywords NAB 2018 NAB Show Las Vegas Strive Media at the NAB Show Las Vegas 2018 BOOK A MEETING WITH US Strive CDN decides to take the leap over the pond from Germany to the US to be part of the NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas from April 7th 12th.  Are you excited? That’s okay, so are we! We are looking

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New Platform Launch - StriveCDN Blog

Product Relaunch & Traffic Flatrate – Happy New Year!

Product Relaunch & Traffic Flatrate – Happy New Year! StriveCDN launches V2 of its web platform and starts 2018 with a limited offer! Finally! We relaunched our platform! To start into the new year, StriveCDN announces a relaunch of the entire Strive Platform. We restructured our business model, came up with new pricing packages and added awesome features to our portfolio! Read this article to learn about the new features and pricing of StriveCDN. StriveCDN Management Platform After a fantastic 2017 with lots of new people to meet, technical features to implement and video traffic to deliver, our entire team

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ISP friendly P2P

The first ISP friendly P2P live streaming network

The first ISP friendly P2P streaming network How we created an ISP friendly Peer to Peer network as the first company ever ISP and Peer-To-Peer? We say yes! Overview Introduction Peer-To-Peer based video streaming How we implemented the first ISP friendly P2P live streaming network Conclusion Introduction Exchanging digital data over direct connections instead of using a client-server model has quite a history. Tim Berners-Lee himself already had a vision of the internet as a globally distributed network of interconnected users. Users who all act as consumers just as much as editors and contributors. Nowadays, most parts of the internet

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Secure P2P live stream delivery

How to securely deliver P2P live streams

  P2P Stream Hijacking Learn about how to securely stream a P2P live stream without the danger of peers manipulating your video content. How to securely deliver P2P live streams Modern live streaming technologies like HLS or MPEG-DASH are mostly based on HTTP. This means, existing infrastructures like CDNs or web caches can easily be utilized to optimize the delivery. For security reasons, HTTP is getting replaced by HTTPS, so most live streams are already secured against most man-in-the-middle attacks. Differences between HTTP and HTTPS: HTTP sends data over port 80 while HTTPS uses port 443. HTTP operates at application

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