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What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Since the internet is growing rapidly high amounts of data traffic have to be transferred from A to B. Therefore CDNs were invented. We explain structure, mode of operation and limits by using the digital videocontent as an example.

Nathalie Hoffmann
October 10, 2017

StriveCDN goes IBC

From the 14th to the 18th of September one of the biggest conferences for broadcasting, the IBC (International Broadcasting Conference) took place in Amsterdam. As OTT streaming was a hot topic this year at the conference, we from Strive CDN presented our innovative and disruptive solution for OTT live streaming and had intensive talks with a lot of interesting players on the global OTT market.

Nathalie Hoffmann
September 27, 2017

Live Demo – Streaming simulation tested

TrafficBoost  promises to reduce streaming costs, independent from CDN and stream entity. But how does it work? Which factors affect costs and traffic and how much does the streamer save in total?

Nathalie Hoffmann
September 19, 2017

Chunked-Swarm – Divide and Conquer for Real-Time Bounds in Video Streaming

With TrafficBoost as OTT optimizer more ressources will be used to distribute data traffic as usual. We explain how this technology works in detail and which advantages it comes with.

Nathalie Hoffmann
September 18, 2017

Meet the Strives

The full force of Strive Media is combined in a small, but fast-growing team, working on the subject with passion and power. We would like to present our new blog with a short introduction of ourselves – for science!

Nathalie Hoffmann
September 5, 2017

StriveCDN v2 ist online!

StriveCDN, das erste deutsche Live-Streaming CDN hat seine browserbasiertes SaaS Dashboard nun in der Verison 2.0 live geschaltet. Neben einem völlig neuen Design und einer vereinfachten Benutzerschnittstelle wurden insbesondere zwei neue Produkte, LiveGrid und TrafficBoost eingeführt.

Alexander Schaefer
June 13, 2017