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Our Mission

We build the next generation of video delivery networks by providing industry leading technology for controllable and secure WebRTC live streaming. In this way, we are shaping a future for streaming companies and broadcasters in which OTT Broadcasting is as robust and high-quality as today’s TV experience.

To realize our vision, we have assembled a team of outstanding software engineers, WebRTC experts and advisors with extensive knowledge and experience in the CDN and OTT industry. Located in Düsseldorf – Germany, we work daily to improve our technology to make it even easier for today’s broadcasting elite to improve video quality while reducing cost.

What We Do

Build Solid Video Networks

One of the major problems with today's streaming solutions is the lack of stability. As a content provider, you have no control nor quality guarantee. We have solved this problem and keep working every day to make it even better!

Provide Next-Gen CDN Technology

The performance of a CDN is all about caching. However, caching becomes a complex problem when it comes to live data. We are committed to providing cutting-edge technology to optimize live content caching.

Make Streaming Affordable

The cost of a CDN always depends on how much data it actually delivers. Without P2P you're using it wrong. The internet was never designed for centralized data delivery, so you should never pay so much money to a CDN.

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Our Great Team


Alexander Schäfer

Co-Founder & CEO

Christopher Small

Christopher Probst

Co-Founder & CTO

Bastian Brandau

Bastian Brandau

Business Development

Alexander Loer

Alexander Loer

Sales & PR

Robin Thüs

Robin Thues

Software Engineer

Daniel Seng

Daniel Seng

Customer Care

Foto von Jakob Roessling

Jakob Roessling

Marketing & Sales

Foto von Lorcan Mozis

Lorcan Možiš

Content Marketing

Our Investors And Advisors

On our way we got some help growing our company and building a team. These awesome VC companies have helped us right from the very beginning!