The New Standard For Live Video Delivery

The industry leading technology for next generation live video delivery – better video quality for less money. 

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The Next Generation Of Live Video Streaming

Introducing Secure Server-Side Managed P2P Video Delivery

StriveCDN is the world’s first provider of managed WebRTC delivery networks with a unique approach to reducing cost and increasing video quality at the same time!


Reduce CDN cost by 70% on average

By creating a delivery network between all streaming devices, Strive can help you to strongly decrease the amount of traffic, delivered over your CDN infrastructure and reduce cost.

Higher bitrates and less rebuffering

Strive scales up the amount of data sources, so every client can choose the one closest to him. This results in higher average bitrate and less video rebuffering.

More viewers now mean more reliability

With StriveCDN, your infrastructure becomes stronger and more reliable the more people are using it. Be happy about unexpected viewer peaks, not afraid of them.

Built for large broadcasters and OTT companies.

StriveCDN builds a content delivery network from the connected devices that are watching your content. A growing audience means a larger CDN, more resilience and higher video quality. Streaming devices connect and share your live content with each other. This is the final step in making your live stream globally scalable and reliable. With StriveCDN, your audience consumes content as beautifully as you create it. Every time!

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Ready For All Your Apps

Built for web and native environments

We provide both Javascript snippets for your web environment and native libraries for iOS, Android, React Native and more platforms & apps.

Mobile Ready

Strive fully works on mobile devices and in mobile networks. However, you are in full control over your users and can exclude mobile users from our network.

Opt-In Feature

If you want your users to opt into our service instead of integrating them by default, you can customize a pop-up notification that allows your users to decide.

Designed For Developers

Use our powerful REST API to save time and focus on your business!

100% Control Over Your Network

Manage all features and services that are available on our platform via our high-performance REST API.

Save Time And Money

Build automatic processes to configure and create video streams that are optimized via StriveCDN. When done, lean back and enjoy better quality for less money.

Secure And Robust Infrastructure

Never worry about scalability or performance! We host our entire API and products on a scalable, world-spanning cloud infrastructure at Google Cloud.


Our Customers And Partners

StriveCDN helps many companies and partners to create an outstanding streaming experience!